Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2008 NOTY: The Final Four

We here at NOTY Headquarters are shocked and saddened by the baseless and slanderous accusations by some commenters that we and Destiny Frankenstein colluded to rig her Elite Eight death struggle against Spaceman Africa.

Yes, we backed Destiny. Yes, we emailed with Destiny. Yes, the NOTY High Committee and its collective 300 years of onomastic experience and wisdom crowned Destiny.

And, yes, it's also true that we can't figure out the cult of personality surrounding Spaceman Africa, who seems to be some sort of ne'er-do-well world-traveling backpacker bon vivant. ("Wow! I met this totally off-the-chain dude in Phuket!") And we don't endorse voting for a name because you had beers with its owner. And we don’t believe that Spaceman Africa would be a better name than Destiny Frankenstein even if it were on his birth certificate, which it isn't. Commenter Zach summed it up nicely:

This is a competition about names, not the ability to throw down on an international, whirlwind booze-a-thon. Spaceman may be a hell of a guy, but Destiny is a hell of a name. Plus, I'm pretty sure she could kick his ass.

But none of our admitted biases makes us some sort of election-fixing Nicolai Ceascescu. We closed the balloting as promised (a little later than promised, actually), and the results are the results:

Spaceman Africa: 488 votes
Destiny Frankenstein: 481 votes

So congratulations to all you Spaceman lobbyists. We're not sure how you did it, but you did it. The 2008 Name of the Year Tournament Final Four is:

No. 1 Steeve Ho You Fat v. No. 12 Fonda Dicks

No. 9 Phyllis Mangina v. No. 10 Spaceman Africa

We'll start the balloting as soon as our tears dry. In the meantime, we bid a sad farewell to a rightful champion with a touching poem from commenter Jodilynn, Destiny Frankenstein's personal Dee Mirich.

the destiny is it.
the frankenstein is magical.
go girlfriend go
this is so grooooovy.
destiknee frank in stine