Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2008 NOTY Elite Eight: Dragonwagon and Chrotchtangle Regionals

Two pairings. Scroll down and vote twice.

No. 1 Steeve Ho You Fat v. No. 2 Alpacino Beauchamp

One of the toughest match-ups of all time.

Who advances to the Final Four?
Steeve Ho You Fat
Alpacino Beauchamp free polls

No. 2 Free-King Afrika v. No. 12 Fonda Dicks

Look, we’d be lying if we said we’re on the Fonda Dicks train. After 25 years of this, we’ve seen enough Dick and plenty of Wang and our fair share of Poon, too. Fonda Dicks is a worthy addition to the pantheon alongside Dick Surprise (de facto NOTY 1999) and Johnny Dicksot (1998), June (2000), Dickson (2003) and Poony Poon (2008), and, of course, the incomparable Vanilla Dong (NOTY 2007). But to treat Reprobatus Bibbs , an absolute classic (and one of our favorite posts), like some 15-seed—like some cute-but-not-quiet Parris France (2005), Esther Sylvester (1994) or Billy Broadfoot (1985)—taking 68 percent of the vote. Well, we’re a little disappointed in you, the people.

Who advances to the Final Four?
Fonda Dicks
Free-King Afrika free polls


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