Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 NOTY Sweet 16: Chrotchtangle Regional

That's our little pixie, 10-year-old concert pianist Poony Poon, playing Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 19, Part One. She exited the 2008 NOTY Tournament after Part Two. We think she'll be okay.

This regional wraps up the Sweet 16. If you haven't already voted in the other regionals, make sure to scroll down and do so. We'll be back in 10 days or so with the Elite Eight ... on the Road to the Final Four!

No. 1 Reprobatus Bibbs v. No. 12 Fonda Dicks

Reprobatus Bibbs: Eked out second-round win over Cash Dixon etc.

Fonda Dicks: Forget Amadeus. We can hear little Poony playing the funeral march in Beethoven's Third Symphony.

Who advances to the Elite Eight?
Reprobatus Bibbs
Fonda Dicks free polls

No. 6 Pansy Ho v. No. 2 Free-King Africa

Pansy Ho: Gasoline Hunter gave the billionairess a run for her money.

Free-King Africa: Too bad someone had to lose: Adieu, Rockefellow Johnson.

Who advances to the Elite Eight?
Pansy Ho
Free-King Africa free polls