Thursday, March 13, 2008

2008 NOTY Second Round: Chrotchtangle Regional

That's the affidavit that The High Commissioner had a law-firm employee swear out back in 1990 attesting to the validity of two NOTY legends, inaugural members of the Hall of Name and namesakes of two of the four NOTY Tournament regionals. Eileen Farrell Reilly: NOTY hero.

Remember, there are FOUR, count 'em, FOUR pairings contained in this post. Don't stop after the first. You need to VOTE FOUR TIMES. When you're done, go back and vote on the second-round matches in the Bulltron Regional, Sithole Regional and Dragonwagon Regional.

No. 1 Reprobatus Bibbs. v. No. 9 Cash Dixon Ringo Starlight

Reprobatus Bibbs: He lived up to his name. Can he live up to his seed?

Cash Dixon Ringo Starlight: Four on the floor: money, genitalia, the weak Beatle, romance.
Who advances to the Sweet 16?
Reprobatus Bibbs
Cash Dixon Ringo Starlight free polls

No. 12 Fonda Dicks v. No. 4 Poony Poon

Fonda Dicks: Big Daddy Drew's pick. Women's basketball star in the 1960s. NOTY star in the 20-oughts.

Poony Poon: Let's link to her picture one more time. She's a pixie we tell you!
Who advances to the Sweet 16?
Fonda Dicks
Poony Poon free polls

No. 14 Gasoline Hunter v. No. 6 Pansy Ho

Gasoline Hunter: From the great beyond, took out No. 3 seed Elrazor Sharp.

Pansy Ho: Billionaire's daughter. But money can’t buy you NOTY votes. We hope.
Who advances to the Sweet 16?
Gasoline Hunter
Pansy Ho free polls

No. 7 Rockefellow Johnson v. No. 2 Free-King Africa

Rockefellow Johnson:
Like the governor, he ran afoul of the law in New York state.

Free-King Africa: So did he! What a match-up!
Who advances to the Sweet 16?
Rockefellow Johnson
Free-King Africa free polls