Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2008 NOTY First Round: No. 1 Steeve Ho You Fat v. No. 16 R’Chardrick Markray

The tournament's toughest bracket begins with Double-E Steeve and a classic apostrophe. Enjoy.

2008 NOTY First Round: Dragonwagon Regional

No. 1 Steeve Ho You Fat: 2-meter-1, 90-kilogram French basketball player. His name on its own is a winner. The anomaly of his picture seals the deal.

No. 16: R’Chardrick Markray: Iraq veteran who was shot and killed. In Las Vegas. Outside of a baby shower. The world is a fucked-up place.

Who advances in the 2008 NOTY Tournament?
Steeve Ho You Fat
R'Chardrick Markray

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  1. Not to be a pedant, but the location of the Markray shooting appears to be just a tiny bit farther northeast than "San Diego" -- Las Vegas to be specific. Still horrible.

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