Thursday, March 6, 2008

2008 NOTY First Round: No. 1 Reprobatus Bibbs v. No. 16 Jordan Pippen

Welcome to the Chrotchtangle Regional! It's named for 1991 NOTY and Hall of Name legend Doby Chrotchtangle. And it's a very strong bracket.

2008 NOTY First Round: Chrotchtangle Regional

No. 1 Reprobatus Bibbs: Nomen est omen, we wrote about this former North Alabama hooper turned alleged crack dealer. Follows the African tradition of hopeful first names like current and previous NOTY nominees Excellent, Thankgod and Goodluck, only the opposite.

No. 16 Jordan Pippen: On purpose, we hope. Classmate of Jeremiah Kilimanjaro.

Who advances in the 2008 NOTY Tournament?
Reprobatus Bibbs
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