Friday, February 29, 2008

2008 NOTY Week One Roundup: Vote Now!

Missed a vote? Like a member of Congress? We understand. For your convenience, we've prepared this handy week-ending list of the first-round match-ups posted so far in the 2008 NOTY Tournament. Cast your ballots now.

Bulltron Regional:

Introduction, ballot and No. 1 Destiny Frankenstein v. No. 16 Maurkice Pouncey
No. 2 Manix Auriantal v. No. 15 Silky Labie
No. 3 Knowshon Moreno v. No. 14 Urban Couch
No. 4 Perfect Engelberger v. No. 13 Othello Cheeks
No. 5 Firm Dinkins v. No. 12 Dom Perignon Champagne
No. 6 Weekendfer Saurit v. No. 11 Jabu Lovelace
No. 7 Da'Veed Dildy v. No. 10 Spaceman Africa
No. 8 Thankgod Amaefule v. No. 9 Gorgeous Morgan

Sithole Regional:

No. 1 Fabio Assalone v. No. 16 Clarence Clapsaddle
No. 3 Dominitrix Johnson v. No. 14 Travis Trim
No. 4 Hurtis Chinn v. No. 13 Mackintosh Muggleton
No. 5 Terdsak Jandaeng v. No. 12 Bridget Midgett
No. 8 Genesis Lightbourne v. No. 9 Phyllis Mangina

We'll be back on Monday with more action on the Road to the Final Four!


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