Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 NOTY First Round: No. 5 Firm Dinkins v. No. 12 Dom Perignon Champagne

Watch out for those 5-12 upsets! Some folks think that Dom Perignon Champagne was underseeded. But Firm Dinkins has it going both ways--a respected quality among NOTY veterans. Vote.

2008 NOTY First Round: Bulltron Regional

No. 5 Firm Dinkins: Honor-roll student at Montana State University. Mayoral. Firm.

No. 12 Dom Perignon Champagne: Killed in drive-by shooting in 2004. Son of Jeron Champagne and Bulltron Regional No. 4 seed Perfect Engleberger.
Who advances in the 2008 NOTY Tournament?
Firm Dinkins
Dom Perignon Champagne

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