Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First NOTY Nominee for 2009 Is a Boy

He arrived just after our (arbitrary and unannounced) deadline for nominations for the 2008 NOTY Tournament. But like the first baby born in every town every year, he deserves recognition.

We're proud to welcome the first nominee for the 2009 Name of the Year Tournament: Long Wang.

In Chinese mythology, the Long Wang are kings of the dragons and rulers of the waters. "They can have a camel’s head with stag antlers, a snake neck, clam body, carp scales, eagle talons and tiger legs." Damn.

Our Long Wang isn’t nearly as scary. He’s a freshman wrestler at the University of North Carolina. He played football in high school. He was in the National Honor Society. He wants to be a doctor.

The mythological Long Wang "have large cults, and offerings are made to them in times of drought." If it doesn’t rain, "the worshipers leave the image of the Long Wang out in the sun" until it does.

In conclusion, Long Wang, like Pacman Jones, makes it rain.

Thanks to NOTY friend Preston.