Monday, April 23, 2007

Name of the Week: Knowshon Moreno v. Ynot Bubba

Wacey Rabbit trounced Danger Guerrero to win last week’s Name of the Week. In Week 3, creative construction takes on a legal name change.

Knowshon Moreno: Using the proper salutation, NOTY reader Jeff from Chicago writes:

Esteemed Members of the Name of the Year Committee:

I wish to submit
Knowshon Moreno for Name of the Year consideration. Mr. Moreno is a tailback for the Georgia Bulldogs....

In closing, I wish to state that I knew Shon Moreno. Shon Moreno was a friend of mine. NOTY Committee members: Knowshon Moreno is no Shon Moreno.

He doesn’t need to be. The 2005 New Jersey player of the year—dude ran for 6,268 yards, second most in state history—``achieved one-name status in the Shore Conference, a local version of Lance, Tiger or Michael.’’ The Asbury Park Press tracked down Knowshon’s grandmother, Mildred McQueen, for a name explanation:

``When I was pregnant with his mother I picked up the name Varashon from a character in a short story I was reading at the time,'' McQueen said. ``When Varashon had Knowshon, she just took part of her name and added the `Know' for knowledge.''

Knowledge equals power, baby. Earlier this month, Knowshon, who redshirted last year, ran for 68 yards on 11 carries in Georgia's first spring game (right). Coach Mark Richt said afterward:

``If he keeps progressing, it is going to be tough to keep him from getting some totes next year.''

And some NOTY votes!

By the way, the Bulldogs are shaping up as an SEC name force. Knownshon is joined by Trinton Sturdivant (relation to 2007 NOTY 24th-place finisher Quantavius Sturdivant unclear) and NaDerris Ward.

Ynot Bubba: Sure to offend opponents of the Dragonwagon Doctrine, which stipulates that a legal name change is a legal NOTY name no matter how idiotic, Ynot Bubba emerged this month in New Mexico after a judge approved his name change.

Ynot is 43 years old. He is a truck driver. His named used to be Justin Brady. He wanted to change it because, basically, he hates his life.

``I didn’t really have actual parents that I would consider parents,’’ he told KOAT Action 7 News in a video worth watching as much as anything else on the internets.

And the new name? The AP reported that:

His chosen first name, Ynot, comes from communities around the country named Wynot and Whynot. His last name is courtesy of the people he now considers family; they nicknamed him Bubba for no particular reason.

Ynot Bubba was the final choice among three names. He had considered Lacon Marlboro, inspired by the town of Lacon, Ala., and his preferred choice of cigarette. He also considered More Chek, from his desire for more money.

We love the way this guy thinks.

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