Monday, April 9, 2007

Name of the Week: Alesana Alesana v. Ringo Wong

Before there was Name of the Year, there was Name of the Week. Early winners included luminaries such as Alma Bone, Birdie Africa, Delano Turnipseed, and the great and controversial Godfrey Sithole.

It was a tradition like no other. So we’re bringing it back.

Every week, we’ll pair off a couple names that have crossed the NOTY transom. You, The People, will vote. Instead of posting winners on the wall near the Puff basketball hoop, we’ll do so right here on the interwebs.

Week 1: Alesana Alesana v. Ringo Wong

Alesana Alesana: 6-foot-6, 300-or-so-pound offensive lineman and Kansas State juco transfer. Alesana grew up in Western Samoa, where he played rugby and didn’t have people nominating his name for Name of the Year. ``It’s normal where I come from,’’ he says. ``But it’s not normal around here. I am proud of my name. I love my name.’’

In case you were wondering, Alesana says he doesn’t have a middle name.

Bonus trivia: There's a ``post hard-core’’ ``screamo’’ band named Alesana whose latest album includes ``consistent references to dying and hackneyed imagery about suicide run rampant, coupled with obtrusive, velociraptor dinosaur-like screams.’’

We’re very glad we’re not 15 and filled with anomie.

(Thanks to Jeff Adams at AOL’s NCAA Fanhouse)

Ringo Wong: Personal assistant to richest woman in Asia. Until she died last week.

Pretty self explanatory name. The ugly Beatle plus the male appendage.

Bonus trivia: Wong’s employer, $4.2 billionaire Nina Wang (right), might have a been a couple of slices short of a pizza:

Known for her signature pigtails and nicknamed "little sweetie" by the local media, Wang, 69, won a court case in 2005 for her late husband's business empire in a case filled with tales of adultery, kidnapping and murder.

Central to the marathon probate case was a handwritten will that Wang said was penned and signed by [hubby] Teddy in March 1990, a month before he was kidnapped and never seen again. Some reports at the time said Teddy was gagged and bound and thrown out to sea from a Chinese "sampan" boat.

Don’t hold it against Ringo.

(Thanks to NOTY Committee Member Nass)

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