Thursday, April 26, 2007

Actual Headline: `Fugitive Trim May Be Surrounded'

There’s absolutely nothing funny about a guy fatally shooting one state trooper and wounding two others and then dying in a blaze in a farmhouse during a gun battle with cops.

Unless the dead perp's name is Travis Trim.

And you’re familiar with the meaning of trim.

Take it away, Capital News 9 in Albany, N.Y.:

Travis Trim. It's a name that became new to us Tuesday when he allegedly shot a trooper during a traffic stop in Margaretville. But, his name is not new to some people in the North Country.

Capital News 9 sent a team of reporters to find them.

The 23-year-old has a P.O. Box in the hamlet of North Lawrence in St. Lawrence County, so we attempted to contact his family members by calling people in the area with the name Trim.

Like Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours, they wanted to get some Trim.

Didn’t find much, though. So Capital News 9 headed over to SUNY Canton, where Trim—we’re not making this up—``majored in motor sports.’’ The station talked to—we’re not making this up either—``Powersports Curriculum Director Mark Hill.’’

SUNY Canton students we spoke with said Trim is the talk of campus.

From our experience, trim is the talk of pretty much every campus.