Friday, March 30, 2007

They're Cueing Up `One Shining Moment' in Eugene

With just one day of ballotting left for the 2007 Name of the Year, this morning we were reminded, via the circle-jerk world of the blogdome, that it was time for the Final Four of NOTY’s NCAA Name Tournament.

Writing on ``celebrity'' NOTY voter Jamie Mottram's Mr. Irrelevant, Georgetown alum and A Price Above Bip Roberts blogger Ted Bauer had this to say about his alma mater:

With all apologies to [UCLA's] Luc Richard Mbah A Moute and, to a lesser extent, Marreese Speights of Florida, is there a cooler name among teams in the Final Four than GU's Octavius Spann? Not only does the sophomore reserve channel legendary former Romans and Briton Kings with his name, but he channels Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus, whose real name, of course, was Otto Octavius. Could you imagine Gus Johnson calling a game where Octavius Spann hit a buzzer beater? It might redefine our collective understanding of the word ``genius.’’

No quibbles here. Spann and Speights are the superheroes of a thin real-world Final Four. (We do still love Ohio State’s tandem of Shakespeare scholars, Othello Hunter and Mark Titus.) But it's no match for NOTY's NCAA's, featuring the schools that advanced in the four regions:

Oregon over Weber State: The two deepest teams in the tournament. Weber State— Jake Orchard, Jamaine Nance, Dezmon Harris, Ty Sparrow, Brody Van Brocklin, Daviin Davis, Juan Pablo Silveira, G.B. Burningham—has animals, plants, sports, history, Z's, extra letters, and more! The Ducks have some of that--Maarty Leunen (extra vowel), Tajuan Porter (new twist on an old construction), Joevan Catron (compound first name)--and they have the duo known as (to us) The British Empire: Chamberlain Oguchi and Churchill Odia.

Stanford over New Mexico State: A totally opposite game. Each school dresses just one stud and a wingman or two. For Stanford, it’s Da’Veed Dildy and Taj Finger. For New Mexico State, Hatila Passos and Londale Theus. Now Hatila Passos--part tyrant, part poet--is all-everything, but how the hell can you compete with a Dildy and a Finger?

And the championship...

Oregon over Stanford: Just lie back and think of England.