Friday, March 2, 2007

Sylvester Croom Sure Can Recruit

Our friends at the D.C. Sports Bog did a superb job evaluating the ample name talent inked by our nation’s ball coaches on football signing day last month: Windham Rotunda, Sampson Genus, Simpson Rushing. Deep in the comments section, poster Kerwin4two notes that Mississippi State is assembling one helluva incoming class.

--Co-Eric Riley: "My strengths are running the ball and going up against anyone one-on-one," Co-Eric says. And by that he means any name.

--Jazzmen Guy: ``He has good size and quickness,’’ reports. And a name as smooth as a Paul Desmond solo.

--Urban-legend-no-more Mike Hunt: ``While all 20 visitors on campus appeared to have a great time over the weekend,’’ a Bulldogs site writes of a recent recruiting-class visit, ``one in particular didn't get quite enough.’’

Must have been some weekend.


  1. i'm sorry - mike hunt, funny as it is, is not terribly uncommon. where's Bearthur Johnson? a golden girls reference gets nothing? nothing?

  2. click thru to the DC Sports Bog list -- I believe Bearthur is the first name there, and should crack the 64-name NOTY ballot next week. (we've got a couple hundred names to sift through.) meantime, thanks for reading.

  3. I didn't do all the research, obviously, but is Jazzmen Guy the first dazzling football player to be named after a female cast member of "A Different World?" Dwayne Wade is only one consonant from Dwayne Wayne, after all.

  4. You are correct, Tad.

  5. There's a football player at UConn named Jimmy McClam. I ran a whole series during football season called "Porn-name all stars", and believe me, there's plenty.

  6. Tad, please, attention to spelling! Here of all places...

    Dwyane Wade

    And that makes him a world away....

  7. About seven years late reading this, but for what it's worth, the aforementioned Windham Rotunda is now a fast rising WWE star going by the less spectacular stage name "Bray Wyatt".