Friday, March 2, 2007

A Lucius Link

Thanks to NOTY friend Will Leitch of Deadspin for steering name-lovers in our direction today. Our first link! Now don't let us down, Deadspinners. Nominees! We need nominees!

Some Deadspin commenters wondered why Lucius Pusey wasn't in the 2007 preview. Well, we got the memo, but Lucius may or may not make the 64-name field. First, as previously reported, the sleuths at The Smoking Gun unearthed his legal name-change papers. Second, call us, um, wimps, but, given Lucius's email to Deadpsin, we think a little caution might be in order:

when i make it to the league i will shoot a middle finger at yall and say fuck all my haters.. i am the realest, and my name is Lucius Seymour get it right!!

We understand. You're the rare man who would prefer to be known as Seymour.