Thursday, March 1, 2007

Final Standings: 2001

1. Tokyo Sexwale 147 points (4 first-place votes)
2. Roseztia McConeyhead 110 (2)
3. Koko Archibong 71 (1)
4. William Olyphint Chuckerbuddy 61 (1)
5. Finesse Couch 45
6. Junior Agogo 43 (1)
7. GaWaNi Pony Boy 36
8. Nova Peris-Kneebone 34
9. Dudley Softly 33
10. Dick Grinnan 32
I-Perfection Harris
SirValiant Brown
Misty Hyman
Gentile Ferdinando
Earthwind Moreland
Washington Frimpong
Brandon Loverock
Butterfly Webb
Sharking Crudub
Bea. B. Bee
Girly Chew Hossencofft
Chuck Loveless
Hannelore Sweetwood
Myron Piggie
Dinko Bacun
Dick Wimpy
Rea Polster
Cleveland Brown
Bakare Bimbo
Joseph Dumfart
Raymond Smutco
Earley Reese
Monica Bronicka
Manuel Bong
Laxmi Baxi
Udo Erasmus
Awasum Junior
Shockmain Davis
Farah Butt
Freedom Neruda
Renato Donato Jr.
Cornelius Bull
Golden Whetman
Fantisha Singletart
Moses Ma
Maxim Muzykus
Rod Livengood
Revell Horsey
Termel Sledge
Kirby Pickle Jr.
Osbert Blow
Polk Lafoon IV
Virgil Hairgrove
Myron Magney
Shaboo McBrayer
Mean Mak
Guido Tritto
Bruna Santa Barbara
Jeremiah S. Jeremiah
Ima Hogg
Victor Dash


  1. According to Tokyo Sexwale's Wikipedia entry, "Tokyo" is a nickname derived from a youthful infatuation with karate. His given name is Mosima Gabriel Sexwale, and he's never legally changed it. How is this eligible?

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