Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ayo for the NOTY

A few late sports-world nominees before we seed the 2007 Name of the Year Tournament later this week:

--Solomon HorseChief. Point guard, University of the Pacific. All-State at Tahlequah Sequoyah H.S. in Tahlequah, Okla. All-Bi State League at Redlands C.C. in El Reno, Okla. All-Name at 2007 NOTY Tournament? Only time will tell. (Thanks to College Hoops Net.)

--Kyle Sackrider. ``Third-year walk-on adds depth at tight end,'' Michigan State tells us. Also adds depth to NOTY nominee pool.

--Alibaba Odd. 6-3 forward from Simon Gratz H.S. in Philadelphia. By the way, we love that these league rosters include nicknames. Thaddeus ``Boobie’’ Fauntleroy isn’t getting much run over at University City, but he’ll get a good look here. (Thanks to NOTY Committee Member White Moses.)

--Chief Kickingstallionsims. The Stetson University 7-footer has been all over the Interwebs, naturally, but managed to slip through the very tiny cracks here at NOTY. (Thanks to NOTY commenter Jason.)

--Ayo Yayo. This Northeastern University wide receiver``will climb the depth chart as he continues to learn the system.’’ More important, he’ll climb the NOTY seedings. Full disclosure: We’re so old we didn’t know the Andre Nickatina song, or had even heard of Andre Nickatina, or knew the meaning of ``ayo'' or ``ayo for the yayo.’’ (Thanks to The Realests.)