Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A'Jami, Sa'Coby. Sa'Coby, A'Jami.

It warmed our hearts to read Harvey Araton of the New York Times trashing college hoops announcers (subscription required) for the volume (both meanings) of pointless NCAA tournament ``bubble'' commentary.

But when it comes to the NOTY Tournament, we live for bubble babble. Here are some pressing issues as the nomination deadline approaches this week:

--Is Boston Theodore Williams just too contrived to make the final field of 64 names? Or does the unseasonably cold weather make us subconsciously sympathetic to Williams's nomination?

--Will NOTY acquaintance Joe Favorito make the tournament on the Joe Italiano Doctrine, which holds that Godfather-related coolness goes a long way? Will his new job as v.p. of marketing for the International Fight League improve his chances?

--How high will punctuation carry A’Mod Ned, De’Cody Fagg, Sa’Coby Carter and A’Jami Guyton in the seedings?

--Is Cetera DeGraffenreid an E and a T short of greatness?

--Will Taiwan Easterling get a high seed based on the Geography Doctrine?

--Is Dorris Morris the heir to 1985 nominee Clinton Hinton?

--Can Brook Barefoot walk in the footsteps of 1985er Billy Broadfoot?

--Is Gelo Orange?

That we can answer. Sometimes.