Friday, March 9, 2007

2007 NOTY: Sithole Regional

1 Mario Hilario
16 Eugene Heavy Runner

8 Lovie Lilly
9 Cetera DeGraffenreid

5 Wisdom Bleboo
12 Babu Chalamala

4 Kyle Sackrider
13 Oxide Pang

3 Conceptualization Gibbs
14 Anita Fiel

6 LeQuantum McDonald
11 Jamarion Cavness

7 Sa’Coby Carter
10 Quantavius Sturdivant

2 Maserati Jemison
15 Brett Bucktooth

Not Joe Lunardi’s Bracket Analysis:

You stay classy, Providence! Mario Hilario is a No. 1! ... Committee Member TFH: ``What was [1999 NOTY nominee] Roman Yahola seeded? Can we not learn our lesson and give Anita Fiel her due?'' Committee Member STW: ``She’s no Roman Yahola.'' ... Good thing they didn't serve dinner on a tray: Conceptualization Gibbs falls to a three seed ... No. 2 Maserati Jemison: He's got a lot of Maserati in him and litle bit of (Hall of Name member Largest) Agbejemison ... The waitress loved No. 5 Wisdom Bleboo--and you best not mess with Wisdom Bleboo ... As always, tough 8-9 matchup: Cetera DeGraffenreid is standing up--and throwing it down--for Latin scholars everywhere, but Lovie Lilly will try to send her to the principal's office.


  1. Babu Chilamala and Wisdom Bleboo in a first round matchup?! Give the alliteration names some breathing room here. Thats like putting Texas and Texas A&M against each other in the first round. Babu is criminally underseeded. Doesn't matter...Mario Hilario will dominate anyway.

    And yes, I am already obsessed with this site after only 24 hours.

  2. tim: we'll get back to posting new material soon. wanted to let the ballot ferment -- and give all our new readers (well, everyone's a new reader, as we've been up for only a week) a chance to digest the ballot. meantime, enjoy the archives!

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