Friday, March 9, 2007

2007 NOTY: Dragonwagon Regional

1 Yourhighness Morgan
16 Cynammon Burns

8 Destinee Hooker
9 U Nu

5 Alibaba Odd
12 Jazzmen Guy

4 Phyre Quickly Burns
13 Ottilia Eycleshimer

3 Adrienne Cumbus
14 Nature Johnson

6 Pinckney Pinchback
11 Joe Favorito

7 Princess Perdue
10 Co-Eric Riley

2 Outerbridge Horsey
15 Leftonred Atanycorner

Not Joe Lunardi's Bracket Analysis:

``She’s got poetry,’’ Committee Member TFH says of Adrienne Cumbus. ``In motion,’’ adds Committee Member STW ... Genuflect with us in the direction of No. 1 Yourhighness Morgan ... High Commissioner: ``Phyre Quickly Burns is a classic four. Look under complete sentences.’’ ... Sister Cynammon Burns dissed by the Seeding Committee ... High C: ``Princess Perdue has alliteration, she’s got chicken, she’s got last year’s winner [Princess Nocandy]. She’s got a lot going for her.’’ Maybe not her poetry ... Late nominees Alibaba Odd and Jazzmen Guy square off in a 5-12: Overdog beware ... Destinee Hooker: More than just a Face in the Crowd ... Leftonred Atanycorner’s invented, though legal, name, chronicled in The New Yorker, sparked debate. TFH: ``Did you see what he does? He walks around the city looking for bad traffic signs.’’ High C: ``He should be on the NOTY Committee.’’