Friday, March 9, 2007

2007 NOTY: Chrotchtangle Regional

1 Vanilla Dong
16 Chanel Gemini

8 Doris Morris
9 Unique Grant

5 Margharita Pigeon
12 Bung Mac

4 De’Cody Fagg
13 Chief Kickingstallionsims

3 Gelo Orange
14 Zhaneta Bozo

6 Simpson Rushing
11 Sasha Junk

7 Solomon HorseChief
10 Demetria Crumbly

2 Thankful Vanderstar
15 Ramarcus Dickerson

Not Joe Lunardi's Bracket Analysis:

After three No. 1 seeds are selected, Committee Member Neg says: ``What about Vanilla Dong?’’ ... Solomon HorseChief: underseeded at No. 7? ... Thankful Vanderstar comes up as a possible No. 2. Committee Member TFH doesn't like it, is overruled and makes a bold prediction: ``I’ll tell you right now. Thankful Vanderstar will not be in the Top 10.’’ Watch out, TFH, Justice Department lawyers don't mess around ... No. 6 Simpson Rushing could kill in this bracket.