Friday, March 9, 2007

2007 NOTY: Chrotchtangle Regional

1 Vanilla Dong
16 Chanel Gemini

8 Doris Morris
9 Unique Grant

5 Margharita Pigeon
12 Bung Mac

4 De’Cody Fagg
13 Chief Kickingstallionsims

3 Gelo Orange
14 Zhaneta Bozo

6 Simpson Rushing
11 Sasha Junk

7 Solomon HorseChief
10 Demetria Crumbly

2 Thankful Vanderstar
15 Ramarcus Dickerson

Not Joe Lunardi's Bracket Analysis:

After three No. 1 seeds are selected, Committee Member Neg says: ``What about Vanilla Dong?’’ ... Solomon HorseChief: underseeded at No. 7? ... Thankful Vanderstar comes up as a possible No. 2. Committee Member TFH doesn't like it, is overruled and makes a bold prediction: ``I’ll tell you right now. Thankful Vanderstar will not be in the Top 10.’’ Watch out, TFH, Justice Department lawyers don't mess around ... No. 6 Simpson Rushing could kill in this bracket.


  1. Doris Morris is a sleeper here. Benefits from the Clinton Hinton Doctrine of course. But has anyone else noticed that her father, Horace Morris, finished fifth in the 1994 NOTY Final Standings? Is Doris the Peyton to Horace's Archie? Stay tuned.

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