Friday, March 9, 2007

2007 NOTY: Bulltron Regional

1 Intelligent Infinite Botts
16 Taz Knockum

8 Tyson Mao
9 John Bulcock

5 Michelangelo X Ball Van Zee
12 Tekerrion Cuba

4 Zaire Kitchen
13 Mister Taylor

3 Gertrude Nipple
14 Windham Rotunda

6 D. Zeke Ezekowitz
11 Remus Stefan

7 Basil Hero
10 Taiwan Easterling

2 Ayo Yayo
15 Lady Comfort

Not Joe Lunardi's Bracket Analysis:

Intelligent Infinite Botts: No. 1 seed in the tournament, unanimous choice of the four-member NOTY Seeding Committee ... His accomplice in juvenile delinquency, Mister Taylor, gets a No. 13; brother Sir Taylor left off ballot ... Yo, Taz Knockum? Can you be the first 16 to defeat a 1? ... After first half of field seeded, Committee Member TFH asks: ``Is it time for a phallic entry?’’ The High Commissioner replies: ``It’s always time for a phallic entry.’’ Enter John Bulcock ... We are totally ayo (fifth definition) for No. 2 Ayo Yayo ... Basil Hero: You're going need more help in NOTY than you will in your marriage ... High C: ``Is Gertrude Nipple a No. 1?’’ In the bosom of name-love, yes: old-school first name, sexually suggestive surname. In a strong NOTY field, though, a deserving No. 3 ... Geography gets its rightful due: No. 4 Zaire Kitchen and No. 10 Taiwan Easterling ... Committee Member TFH: ``Lady Comfort is a born 15.’’ And she can shoot the rock!